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Wild Voices

making the internet a more positive place

"Act as if what you do makes a difference.



William James



The proportion of teenagers that have suffered at the hands of cyber bullies.


26% of Americans said that their day had been ruined by a negative comment but 44% said they’ve felt better about themselves from a comment on something they posted.

The cost to an individual to be nice rather than mean


Of people have been cyberbullied in the last month.


A study of more than 20,000 students in the US found that 70% of students had rumours spread about them online, while 80% of young adults were found to believe that it was easier to get away with bullying online rather than in person.


71% of young adults in the UK don't believe social media companies are doing enough to prevent abuse online. This is despite government initiatives to try and force companies to do more.


Unlike many other forms of abuse, the victim often doesn't know the perpetrator. 36% of all abusers are strangers



Surveyed teens confessed that they would never tell their parents they were victims of online bullying.


Of course any form of negativity is a bad thing. Online abuse in all its forms is no exception and has led to;

  • Women being less inclined to apply to public positions

  • An increase in the rate of suicides

  • An increase in the number of people being bullied

  • An increase in cases of mental illness.

  • A worse social environment for everyone.


You can help us stop this. You don't have to pay or volunteer, just post something positive today!​

"Some people look for a beautiful place.

Others MAKE a place beautiful"


Hazrat Inayat Khan


"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. How wrong that old adage was!

In our modern interconnected world, the power of words has never been more obvious. Social media has allowed people to post more words to more people than ever before.


Thoughts, jokes, articles, photos, recipes, art and all the rest are scattered all over the internet in the hope of positive interaction – a like, a retweet, an upvote or kind remark.  


Sadly however, the same people using the internet to show off their creativity are often subjected to insults and cruelties. People using blogs, websites and social media to build their businesses or share their hobbies and passions can be bombarded by negative comments from complete strangers.  


I strongly believe words also have the power to make the world a better place. The idea of Wild Voices is to share more caring words, and to make online commentary more positive, constructive and thoughtful.

A few kind syllables, the odd compliment and a willingness to offer congratulations all combine to make a change. Big gestures may put a smile on peoples' faces, but it's the small things that touch their hearts"

 John Bayly, Founder





Wild Voices is a simple initiative. We spread positivity across the internet in order to combat

the negative content in circulation.

Using a range of social media platforms we randomly find and comment on people's content with uplifting messages. Who doesn't like a random compliment or congratulations on something amazing they've just posted?

Essentially, we are working to better people's lives one positive word at a time.

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas CAN change the world!"

Robin Williams

HOW TO become a wild voice

In the future we will be looking for kind hearted people willing to donate as much or as little of their time through our dedicated platform in order to help us anonymously spread positivity across the internet, as what feels better than feeling the kindness of strangers? But while our team of tech wizards create the best platform to allow such generosity all that we ask is simple...

1) Please go on a social media platform of your choice.

2) Read, watch and browse like you normally do (easy so far right!).

3) Spend 5 minutes posting positive, uplifting comments on posts

that you see (they can be your friends' or strangers'). Bonus points if you're

countering a nasty negative ninja who's beaten you to it!

4) This bit's optional, but we'd love to see the great work you're doing so please tag us in any post and use the #wildvoices hashtag

5) Sit back and revel in how awesome a person you are. You. Yes you! You've just brought a little bit of sunshine to someone's day. We think you're incredible.

It's as simple as that! Thank you for your help making the internet a more positive, more creative and more welcoming place.